European Romantic Review 26.2 (April 2015) now available

The new issue of European Romantic Review, 26.2, is out. It features:

Andrew Burkett, “Photographing Byron’s Hand”

Lindsey Eckert, “Lady Caroline Lamb Beyond Byron: Graham Hamilton, Female Authorship, and the Politics of Public Reputation”

Matthew Clarke, “The ‘luxury of woe’: The Deserted Village and the Politics of Publication”

Joshua Stanley, “Wordsworth and ‘the most unhappy man of men’: Sentimentalism and Representation”

Betsy Winakur Tontiplaphol, “‘Where Pastime Only Had Been Sought’: Wordsworth at the Ballet”

Wayne Deakin, “Acknowledgment and Avoidance in Coleridge and Hölderlin”

Deanna P. Koretsky, “‘Unhallowed arts’: Frankenstein and the Poetics of Suicide”

The Byron Journal 42.2 (2014) now available

The latest issue of the Byron Journal, 42.2 (2014) has been published. To become a member of the Byron Society of America, and receive a subscription to the journal as part of your membership, please visit the BSA website. The issue contains:

Jonathon Shears, Editorial (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.13)


Timothy Webb, Catullus and the Missing Papers: Leigh Hunt, Byron and John Murray (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.15)

Michael J. Plygawko, ‘The Controlless Core of Human Hearts’: Writing the Self in Byron’s Don Juan (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.16)

E. Gayle, Byron – and Frere – at the Octave (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.17)

Betsy Winakur Tontiplaphol, Energy Like Life: Byron and Ballet (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.18)

Anne Falloon, John Thomas Claridge: ‘my dearest friend’ (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.19)

Peter Cochran, Letter to the Editor (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.20)

Paul M. Curtis, Peter Francev, Kirsty J. Harris, et al., ‘Collecting Byron: A Conference in Celebration of the Byron Society Collection’ Drew University, Madison, New Jersey 11-13 April 2014 (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.21)

Book Reviews by Halina Adams, Bernard Beatty, Peter Francev, et al (DOI: 10.3828/bj.2014.22)