BAVS Talks (12 May 2015) now available for online viewing

The Hoarding is pleased to learn that last week’s BAVS Talks, which took place on 12 May at The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH), are available for viewing on the BAVS Videos Youtube channel. Thanks to BAVS and the speakers for making these talks available.

The four talks are:

Special Issue of Women’s Writing: Reassessing British Writers of the Romantic Period

The latest issue of Women’s Writing (22.2, 2015) is a special issue titled “Reassessing British Women Writers of the Romantic Period.” It contains the following:



Victorian Poetry 52.4 (Winter 2014) available

Victorian Poetry 52.4 (Winter 2014) is now available, and contains the following articles:

New issue of 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century on the Crimean War

The latest issue of 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century is now available. Issue 20 (2015) is titled “Charting the Crimean War: Contexts, Nationhood, Afterlives,” and contains the following:

European Romantic Review 26.3 (2015) is now available

The new issue of ERR, on “Organizing Romanticism,” is available. It includes the following articles:

Patrick R. O’Malley & Richard C. Sha, “Introduction: Organizing Romanticism”

Elizabeth A. Fay, “Romantic Egypt, Monumentality and Shifting Sands”

Miranda Burgess, “Sydney Owenson’s Tropics”

Rei Terada, “Hegel and the Prehistory of the Postracial”

Arkady Plotnitsky, “‘Wandering beneath the Unthinkable': Organization and Probability in Romanticism and the Nineteenth Century”

Jonathan Kramnick, “An Aesthetics and Ecology of Presence”

Peter Dear, “Romanticism and Victorian Scientific Naturalism”

Arden Hegele, “Romantic Autopsy and Wordsworth’s Two-Part Prelude”

Kevis Goodman, “Reading Motion: Coleridge’s ‘Free Spirit’ and its Medical Background”

Tilottama Rajan, “Blake’s Body Without Organs: The Autogenesis of the System in the Lambeth Books”

Peter Otto, “Organizing the Passions: Minds, Bodies, Machines, and the Sexes in Blake and Swedenborg”

Mary A. Favret, “Lessons from a Purblind World”

Michael Rossington, “William Michael Rossetti and the Organization of Percy Bysshe Shelley in the Later Nineteenth Century”

Nineteenth-Century Contexts 37.3 (July 2015)

Nineteenth-Century Contexts 37.3 (July 2015) is now available. It contains the following articles and reviews:



Victorian Literature and Culture 43.2: The Nineteenth-Century Pacific Rim

Victorian Literature and Culture 43.2 (June 2015), Editor’s Topic: The Nineteenth-Century Pacific Rim, is now available. It contains the following articles: