Studies in Romanticism 53.4 (Winter 2014)

Studies in Romanticism 53.4 (Winter 2014) contains the following articles and reviews:

  • Jerome McGann, “Reflections on Textual and Documentary Media in a Romantic and Post-Romantic Horizon”
  • Amanda Lahikainen, “’British Asignats’: Debt, Caricature, and Romantic Subjectivity in 1797”
  • Rachel Feder, “The Experimental Dorothy Wordsworth”
  • Jessie Reeder, “‘A World Without “Dependant Kings’: Eighteen Hundred and Eleven and the Forms of Informal Empire”
  • Lynn Voskuil, “Sotherton and the Geography of Empire: The Landscapes of Mansfield Park
  • Reviews:
  • Eric Lindstrom, Review of Stephen Gill’s Wordsworth’s Revisitings
  • Tom Duggett, Review of Stuart Andrews’s Robert Southey: History, Politics, Religion
  • Alan Bewell, Review of Theresa M. Kelley’s Clandestine Marriage: Botany and Romantic Culture
  • Daniel Hannah, Review of Scott Hess’s William Wordsworth and the Ecology of Authorship: The Roots of Environmentalism in Nineteenth-Century Culture
  • Adriana Craciun, Review of Jon Klancher’s Transfiguring the Arts and Sciences: Knowledge and Cultural Institutions in the Romantic Age
  • Jerrold E. Hogle, Review of James Chandler’s An Archeology of Sympathy: The Sentimental Mode in Literature and Cinema

Studies in Romanticism 53.3 (Fall 2014), in honor of Anne K. Mellor

The Fall 2014 issue of Studies in Romanticism is the special issue “New Directions in Romanticism and Gender: Essays in Honor of Anne. K. Mellor,” coedited by Noah Comet and Susan J. Wolfson.

Institutional subscribers who access the journal through LION have noticed some problems accessing the issue. Proquest informs us that they are working on it. For individual subscription information, see the SiR website.

This special issue contains the following articles and reviews:

  • Noah Comet, “Introduction: The Legacy of Anne Mellor”
  • Michelle Levy, “Do Women Have a Book History?”
  • Roxanne Eberle, “Amelia and John Opie: Conjugal Sociability and Romanticism’s Professional Arts”
  • Theresa M. Kelley, “Botanical Figura”
  • Alan Bewell, “Hyena Trouble”
  • Juan Sanchez, “England and Spain and The Domestic Affections: Felicia Hemans and the Politics of Literature”
  • Margaret Russett, “Persuasion, Mediation”
  • Susan J. Wolfson, “Romanticism & Gender & Melancholy”
  • Bruce E. Graver, Review of Mark Lafayette Reed’s A Bibliography of William Wordsworth: 1787-1930
  • Matthew VanWinkle, Review of Luke Savin Herrick Wright’s Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Anglican Church
  • Michael O’Neill, “Susan Matoff’s Conflicted Life: William Jerdan, 1782-1869. London Editor, Author and Critic”

Victorian Periodicals Review 48.1 (Spring 2015) available

Victorian Periodicals Review 48.1 (Spring 2015) is now available. It contains the following articles and reviews:



Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 11.1 (Spring 2015) now online

The latest issue of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies (issue 11.1, Spring 2015) is now online. It contains the following open-access articles and reviews:


Jean Fernandez, “‘A quaint house in the oldest quarter’: Gendered Spaces of Empire in Flora Annie Steel’s On the Face of the WatersPDF Version

Aaron S. Kaiserman, “‘Wandering through Bowers Beloved’: The Wandering Jew and the Woman Poet in Caroline Norton’s The Undying OnePDF Version

Emily R. Lyons, “Curiously Near Akin: The Queer Imperial Gothic Heroes of Bertram Mitford and Victoria CrossPDF Version

Patricia Murphy, “Ecofeminist Whispers: The Interrogation of ‘Feminine Nature’ in Mathilde Blind’s Short PoetryPDF Version


Audrey Jaffe, “Real Housewives of Victorian England.” Review of Lana L. Dalley and Jill Rappoport’s Economic Women: Essays on Desire and Dispossession in Nineteenth-Century British Culture. PDF Version

Mary Trotter, “Ill-fated Women, Femmes Fatales, and Feminism.” Review of Sos Eltis’s Acts of Desire: Women and Sex on Stage 1800-1930. PDF Version

Don James McLaughlin, “How Same-Sex Desire Got its Gender Nonconformity Back.” Review of David Greven’s Gender Protest and Same-Sex Desire in Antebellum American Literature. PDF Version

Romanticism 21.1 (April 2015) now available

The new issue of Romanticism is available. It includes the following articles:

John Barnard, “Keats’s ‘Forebodings’: Margate, Spring 1817, and After”

Eliza Borkowska, “‘But I am too particular for the limits of my paper’: Religion in Wordsworth’s Poetry, Prose and Talk”

Crawford Gribben, “Scottish Romanticism, Evangelicalism and Robert Pollok’s The Course of Time (1827)”

Heidi Thomson, “Wordsworth’s ‘Song for the Wandering Jew’ as a Poem for Coleridge”

Lucy Cogan, “William Blake’s The Book of Los and the Female Prophetic Tradition”

Padma Rangarajan, “History’s Rank Stew: Walter Scott, James Mill, and the Politics of Time”

Stuart Andrews, “Before the Laureateship: Robert Southey as Historian”

New BRANCH articles

BRANCH (Britain, Representation, and Nineteenth-Century History) has just announced the release of a new cluster of articles on subjects that range from the Socialist League to the publication of the Life board game:

BRANCH’s articles can be viewed and browsed in multiple ways, including by timeline or topic cluster.

Nineteenth-Century Contexts 37.2 (May 2015) available

Nineteenth-Century Contexts 37.2 (May 2015) is now available, and contains the following articles and reviews: