Victorian Literature and Culture 43.1 (September 2015)

Victorian Literature and Culture 43.1 (September 2015) is now available, and contains the following:

Romanticism 21.3 now available

The new issue of Romanticism (21.3) is now available. It contains the following articles:

Harriet Kramer Linkin, “Mary Tighe’s Newly Discovered Letters and Journals to Caroline Hamilton”

John Pierce, “The Suspension of Sensibility in Amelia Opie’s Early Poetry”

Alys Mostyn, “Leigh Hunt’s ‘World of Books’: Bibliomania and the Fancy”

Robin Jarvis, “Hydromania: Perspectives on Romantic Swimming”

Joanna E. Taylor, “(Re-)Mapping the ‘native vale’: Sara Coleridge’s Phantasmion

Timothy Whelan, “Coleridge, Jonathan Edwards, and the ‘edifice of Fatalism’”

Journal of Victorian Culture 20.3 (2015) available.

Journal of Victorian Culture 20.3 (2015) is now available. It contains the following articles, along with eleven book reviews:

Victorian Poetry 53.1 (Spring 2015)

Issue 53.1 (Spring 2015) of Victorian Poetry is now available. It contains the following articles:

European Romantic Review 26.4 now available

The new issue of ERR is now available. It focuses on “Romanticism in Scandinavia” and includes the following articles:

Robert W. Rix, “Introduction: Romanticism in Scandinavia”

Gunilla Hermansson, “Isles of Felicity – Negotiating a Place for Poetry in Swedish and Danish Romanticism”

Lis Møller, “Refashioning the “Marsk Stig” Ballads: B.S. Ingemann’s The Childhood of King Erik Menved and Carsten Hauch’s Marsk Stig

Robert W. Rix, “‘In darkness they grope’: Ancient Remains and Romanticism in Denmark”

Gry Hedin, “Hieroglyphical Boulders: Johan Thomas Lundbye as Mediator between Art and Science”

Charles I. Armstrong, “Henrik Wergeland’s Bouquet: Fredrika Bremer, Sentimentality and Nationalism in Jan van Huysum’s Flower Piece

Studies in Romanticism 54.1 (Spring 2015)

Studies in Romanticism 54.1 (Spring 2015) is now available, and contains the following articles and reviews:



  • Christopher Washington, Review of Gillen D’Arcy Wood’s Tambora: The Eruption that Changed the World
  • Elizabeth Weybright, Review of Jonathan David Gross’s The Life of Anne Damer: Portrait of a Regency Artist
  • Alison Powell, Review of John Goodridge’s John Clare and Community
  • Andrew Burkett, Review of Nicholas Roe’s John Keats: A New Life
  • Siobhan Carroll, Review of Katey Castellano’s The Ecology of British Romantic Conservatism, 1790-1837

Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 11.2: Illustration and Gender

Issue 11.2 of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies is now available. Issue 11.2 is a special issue titled “”Illustration and Gender: Drawing in the Nineteenth Century,” and is edited by Nicole Lobdell and Kate Holterhoff.  It contains the following:


Kate Holterhoff and Nicole Lobdell, “Introduction” PDF Version


Nancy Marck Cantwell, “Waist Not, Want Not: The Corseted Body and Empire in Vanity Fair” PDF Version

Susan Walton, “Suitable Work for Women? Florence Claxton’s Illustrations for The Clever Woman of the Family by Charlotte Yonge” PDF Version

Adam Sonstegard, “Mary Hallock Foote: Reconfiguring The Scarlet Letter, Redrawing Hester Prynne” PDF Version

Patricia Smith Scanlan, “‘God-gifted girls’: The Rise of Women Illustrators in Late Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia” PDF Version


Kimberly Rhodes, “Finding Feminist Art History in the Nineteenth Century.” Review of Temma Balducci and Heather Belnap Jensen’s Women, Femininity and Public Space in European Visual Culture, 1789-1914 and Hilary Fraser’s Women Writing Art History in the Nineteenth Century: Looking Like a Woman. PDF Version

Ellen Bell, “Not Just a Pretty Picture.” Review of Paul Goldman and Simon Cooke’s Reading Victoiran Illustration, 1855-1875: Spoils of the Lumber Room. PDF Version

Nancy Rose Marshall, “Brotherhood: Interrogating Pre-Raphaelite Manliness.” Review of Amelia Yeates and Serena Trowbridge’s Pre-Raphaelite Masculinities. PDF Version

Veronica Alfano, “Gender and Lyric Intimacy at the Fin de Siècle.” Review of Emily Harrington’s Second Person Singular: Late Victorian Women Poets and the Bonds of Verse. PDF Version

Laura Engel, “Wishful Telepathy: Austen’s Role as Romatic Advisor.” Review of Sarah Raff’s Jane Austen’s Erotic Advice. PDF Version