Nineteenth-Century Contexts 38.1 (Feb 2016) now available

Nineteenth-Century Contexts 38.1 (February 2016) is now available. Thanks to outgoing co-editor David Thomas and incoming co-editor Alexandra Wettlaufer. The issue contains:


Book Reviews 

Victorian Literature and Culture 43.4 (Dec. 2015)


European Romantic Review 26.6 now available

The December 2015 issue of ERR is now available. It contains the following articles:

Jordan Sellers, Zero Ground: Mapping Maritime Commemoration in the Age of Nelson

Amy Mallory-Kani, “Contagious Air[s]”: Wordsworth’s Poetics and Politics of Immunity

Matthew Rowney, Broken Arbour: “The Ruined Cottage” and Deforestation

James Kelly, Earnestness and Reality: Oratory and Speech in the Fiction of John and Michael Banim

Jonas Cope, “Illusive Light”: Thomas Dermody, the Aisling and Archipelagic Romanticism

Jeanne M. Britton, Fictional Footnotes, Romantic Orientalism, and the Remediated Novel: Elizabeth Hamilton’s Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah

Nicholas Halmi, The Anti-Historicist Historicism of German Romantic Architecture

New at Romantic Circles: The Politics of Shelley; Reviews and Receptions section

In addition to the latest Praxis Series volume, “The Politics of Shelley: History, Theory, Form,” edited by Matthew C. Borushko, Romantic Circles has recently revamped its reviews section. The new Reviews and Receptions page, edited by Suzanne L. Barnett, Roger Whitson, and Ross Wilson, has a number of new and innovative features including live BookChats, interviews, and a guide to Romanticism and Popular Culture, to name a few.

The new Praxis Series volume, “The Politics of Shelley: History, Theory, Form,” contains:

The first Reviews & Receptions BookChat is a discussion of Evan Gottlieb’s Romantic Globalism: British Literature and Modern World Order, 1750-1830 (Ohio State UP, 2014), moderated by Roger Whitson and featuring Siobhan Carroll, James Mulholland, Miranda Burgess, and Evan Gottlieb.

Victorian Studies 57.3 (Spring 2015)

Victorian Studies 57.3 (Spring 2015) is now available. The issue contains three clusters of essays originally delivered at NAVSA 2014 (in London, ON), with responses by Elizabeth Helsinger, Elaine Freedgood, and Amy Woodson-Boulton. It also contains a review forum on James Vernon’s Distant Strangers: How Britain Became Modern in addition to 18 book reviews.

Fictions of Time

We Are Not Yet Queer (In Victorian Studies)

Surround, Background, Context

Review Forum

Book Reviews

By Elisha Cohn, John Holmes, Bryan B. Rasmussen, Lucy Hartley, Sally Mitchell, Elsie B. Michie, Susan David Bernstein, John Morton, Cornelia Persall, Brad Faught, John Lee, Philip Howell, Kevin Grant, Daniel Gorman, Philip Harling, Benjamin Weinstein, David Punter, and Eileen Gillooly.

Victorian Periodicals Review 48.3 (Special Issue: A Return to Theory) now available

Victorian Periodicals Review 48.3 (Fall 2015) is now available. The special issue, “A Return to Theory,” contains the following:

Special Issue: A Return to Theory




Nineteenth-Century Contexts 37.5 (INCS 2015 issue)

Nineteenth-Century Contexts 37.5 (December 2015) is now available. The special issue from INCS 2015: Nineteenth-Century Mobilities includes the following: