Multi-Media Romanticisms: A Romantic Circles PRAXIS Volume

Romantic Circles has released  Multi-Media Romanticisms, a Volume in its PRAXIS series edited by Andrew Burkett and James Brooke-Smith, which contains:


Romantic Circles Pedagogy Commons: Romantic Education

Romantic Education: Romantic Pedagogies and New Approaches to Teaching Romanticism, a Romantic Circles Pedagogy Commons Special Issue edited by Suzanne L. Barnett & Katherine Bennett Gustafson is now available. It contains:

Romantic Circles Praxis: Romantic Systems

Romantic Systems, a Romantic Circles Praxis Volume edited by Mark Canuel is now available and contains:

Romantic Materialities, a Romantic Circles PRAXIS Volume (February 2015)

Romantic Circles has announced the release of Romantic Materialities, a volume in its PRAXIS series edited by Sarah Guyer and Celeste Langan, which contains: