ELT 59.2

English Literature in Transition 59.2 (2016) is now available.


Daniel Blackburn and Alexander Arsov, Somerset Maugham’s Apocryphal “Second-Rate” Status: Setting the Record Straight

Richard Reeve, H. Rider Haggard and the New Woman: A Difference in the Genre in Jess and Beatrice

Andrew Scragg, Rudyard Kipling and Shell Shock: “More than a man could bear”

Emily Kopley, Virginia Woolf’s Cousin J. K. Stephen: Forgotten But Not Gone

John Nash, Arnold Bennett and Home Management: Domestic Efficiency

Book reviews by Stephen E. Tabachnick, Edward Eason, Pamela Gossin, Stanley Weintraub, Simon Gatrell, Melissa Shields Jenkins, Patrick A. McCarthy, Bonnie Kime Scott, Mary Lowe-Evans, Peter Balbert, and Brian W. Schaffer.

ELT 59.1

English Literature in Transition 59.1 (2016) is now available.


Douglass Kerr, Conan Doyle’s Challenger Tales and the End of the World

Bernard F. Dukore, Shaw’s Way with Fanny’s Untitled Play

D. Michael Jones, E. W. Hornung’s Raffles and the English Aesthetic Movement: The Rhetoric of Romance Masculinity

Edward Eason, Conjugal Friendship in the Creation of Wilfred Owen’s “Anthem for Doomed Youth”

Brian J. Hudson, Arnold Bennett’s Literary Journey into World War I Transport

Book reviews by Jean Reynolds, Richard Haslam, James Eli Adams, Margaret J. Godbey, Hyson Cooper, Ailise Bulfin, Priya Satia, Mark D. Larabee, John G. Peters, Stephen E. Tabachnick, and Brian W. Schaffer.

English Literature in Transition 58.3 and 58.4 now available



Book Reviews by Ian Small, Stefano Evangelista, Michel W. Pharand, Keith Wilson, Alexandra Valint, Janine Utell, J. P. Wearing, Patrick Brantlinger, Margaret D. Stetz, Kevin Kopelson, and Patrick A. Mccarthy.



Book reviews by J. H. Stape, Sharon Aronofsky Weltman, Marysa Demoor, Jill Marie Treftz, Carol A. Senf, Molly Youngkin, Terry Caesar, Barry Devine, and Mark Knight.

English Literature in Transition 58.2 (2015) now available

The latest issue of English Literature in Transition, 58.2 (2015) has been published. The issue contains:

Laurence Dumortier, Oscar Wilde’s Multitudes: Against Limiting His Photographic Iconography

Andrew Glazzard, Conan Doyle’sThe Tragedy of the “Korosko”: The Clash of Civilizations and the Necessity of Empire

William A. Davis, Mary Jeune, Late-Victorian Essayist: Fallen Women, New Women, and Poor Children

Ying Ying, The Reception of George Gissing in China

Andrew A. Kuhn, The Postal Imagination of Lady Gregory, Thomas Clarke, and Rabindranath Tagore: Writing the Irish Post

Gerald Monsman, The Emergence of John Trevena: A Case Study of a Pseudonym

Book reviews by Maureen Moran, Christopher Metress, Ellen Crowell, William J. Scheick, Nicole Lobdell, Stanley Weintraub, M. D. Allen, Katie Sommer, and Andrea Zemgulys.