The Hoarding is a blog devoted to reporting recent work in British Romantic and Victorian literature. Its main goal is to disseminate news of new journal issues and calls for papers. Please send information, inquiries, and requests.

According to the OED, a hoarding is a nineteenth-century term for “a temporary fence made of boards inclosing a building while in course of erection or repair; often used for posting bills and advertisements; hence, any boarding on which bills are posted.”


James Orlando Parry,

James Orlando Parry, “A London Street Scene” (1835)

The site was founded in 2009 by Andrew Stauffer (University of Virginia), and is currently directed by John Savarese (University of Waterloo).


8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Andy, this is going to be a marvellous resource! and it turns out that we’ve launched our blogs on the same day. I’ll be writing about my work on the Swinburne edition (among other digital humanities projects) at http://nowviskie.org/

    Have you thought about integrating this newsy feed into the NINES informational pages?

    • Thanks, Beth! Nice to be blogging with you. I’m hoping that people will be drawn to NINES via The Hoarding, though I haven’t imagined completely how to integrate the two. First step might be to link via the blog to an Exhibit.

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  4. Hey Andy — thanks and double thanks — for the great site, and also for announcing my new book. The site promises to be really useful, and I’m sure it’ll call more attention to NINES. Good luck. Nick

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