Romanticism 22.2

The new issue of Romanticism, focused on John Keats, is now available. It contains the following articles:

Richard Cronin, “Keats and the Double Life of Poetry”

Nikki Hessell, “John Keats and Indian Medicine”

Li Ou, “Keats, Sextus Empiricus, and Medicine”

Meiko O’Halloran, “Sage, humanist, and physician to all men: Keats and Romantic Conceptualisations of the Poet”

Gregory Tate, “Keats, Myth, and the Science of Sympathy”

James Robert Allard, “Bureaucracy, Pedagogy, Surgery: Keats, Guy’s, and the ‘Institution’ of Medicine”

Grant F. Scott, “New Severn Watercolours from the Voyage to Italy with Keats”

Stefanie John, “‘Precision Instruments for Dreaming’: Anatomizing Keats in Pauline Stainer’s The Wound-dresser’s Dream



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