European Romantic Review 27.4

The new issue of ERR, on “Scottish Romanticism,” contains the following articles:

Murray Pittock, “Introduction”

Pauline Mackay, “‘Low, tame, and loathsome ribaldry’: Bawdry in Romantic Scotland”

Murray Pittock, “Thresholds of Memory: Birch and Hawthorn in the Poetry of Robert Burns”

Vivien Estelle Williams, “The Bagpipe and Romanticism: Perceptions of Ossianic ‘Northernness'”

Caroline McCracken-Flesher, “Better than to Arrive: The Last Voyage of Walter Scott, Romantic”

Angela Esterhammer, “John Galt’s The Omen: Interpretation and its Discontents”

The issue features reviews by Jan Plug, Ian Haywood, Jon Mee, Laura White, Tom Mole, Cian Duffy, James H. Donelan, Ashton Nichols, Evan Gottlieb, Bridget Keegan, Gary Kelly, and Cynthia Schoolar Williams.


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