Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 12.1

Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 12.1 (Spring 2016) is now available, with the following articles and reviews:

Christine Bayles Kortsch, “How to Make a House a Home.” Review of Amy G. Richter’s At Home at Nineteenth-Century America: A Documentary History.
Janine Hatter, “Multiple Marriages in Victorian Literature.” Review of Maia McAleavey’s The Bigamy Plot: Sensation and Convention in the Victorian Novel.
Lois Burke, “Gender in (Loco)Motion.” Review of Anna Despotopoulou’s Women and the Railway, 1850-1915.
Beth Palmer, “Shedding New Light on Female Professionals in the Victorian Periodical Press.” Review of Marianne Van Remoortel’s Women, Work and the Victorian Periodical: Living by the Press.
Adrienne E. Gavin, “Women and the Law in Europe.” Review of Eva Schandevyl’s Women in Law and Lawmaking in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Europe.

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