Romanticism 22.1 now available

The new issue of Romanticism is now available. It contains the following articles:

Jessica Fay, “A Question of Loyalty: Wordsworth and the Beaumonts, Catholic Emancipation and Ecclesiastical Sketches

Tim Fulford, “The Materialization of the Lyric and the Romantic Construction of Place: Bards and Beasts on Dartmoor”

Jasmine Jagger, “Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the Healing Powers of the Imagination”

Tess Somervell, “Mediating Vision: Wordsworth’s Allusions to Thomson’s Seasons in The Prelude

Frederick Burwick, “Wordsworth’s ‘bright cavern of romance’”

Alan Rawes, “Shelley’s ‘compelling rhyme schemes’ in The Triumph of Life

Alan Weinberg, “Freedom from the Stranglehold of Time: Shelley’s Visionary Conception in Queen Mab





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