European Romantic Review 27.3 now available

The new issue of ERR, on “Romanticism & Rights,” is now available. It includes the following articles:

Michelle Faubert & Peter Melville, “Introduction: Romanticism and Rights”

Joel Faflak, “Right to Romanticism”

Kevin Hutchings, “Cultural Genocide and the First Nations of Upper Canada: Some Romantic-era Roots of Canada’s Residential School System”

Warren Cariou, “Indigenous Rights and the Undoomed Indian”

Sophie Thomas, “Human Objects, Object Rights: from Elgin’s Marbles to Bullock’s Laplanders”

Lisa Vargo, “Anna Barbauld and Natural Rights: The Case of ‘Inscription for an Ice-House'”

Kathryn Ready, “Meliorating Much? Malthus, the Aikin Family, and Post-Revolutionary Disssenting (and Gender) Politics”

Jillian Heydt-Stevenson & Kurtis Hessel, “Queen Mab, Wollstonecraft, and Spinoza: Teaching ‘Nature’s Primal Modesty'”

George C. Grinnell, “Equiano’s Refusal: Slavery, Suicide Bombing, and Negation”

Gerold Sedlmayr, “Ownership of the Body, the Sacralization of the Person, and the Right to Bodily Integrity in William Godwin’s Caleb Williams”

Mary A. Favret, “The Right to Work, the Right to Live”

Joshua D. Lambier, “A Capacity to Resist: Kant’s Aesthetics and the Right of Revolution”

Lise Gaston, “Gossip Economies: Jane Austen, Lady Susan, and the Right to Self-Fashion”

Jennifer L. Hargrave, “Romanticizing the Chinese Landscape”



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