European Romantic Review 27.2 now available

The new issue of ERR is now available. It contains the following articles:

Michael J. Franklin, “‘Harmonious’ Jones and ‘Honest John’ Shore: Contrasting Responses of Garden Reach Neighbors to the Experience of India”

Michael Allis, “‘A canvas of endless extent’: Granville Bantock, Robert Southey and The Curse of Kehama Project”

Danielle Barkley, “Crossing Borders: Geographic and Generic Expansiveness in Letitia Landon’s Romance and Reality”

Joseph Albernaz, “John Clare’s World”

Omar F. Miranda, “The Celebrity of Exilic Romance: Francisco de Miranda and Lord Byron”

Alexander Grammatikos, “‘Let Us Look At Them As They Are’: Lord Byron and Modern Greek Language, Literature, and Print Culture”

Tristram Wolff, “Arbitrary, Natural, Other: J. G. Herder and Ideologies of Linguistic Will”


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