ELT 59.2

English Literature in Transition 59.2 (2016) is now available.


Daniel Blackburn and Alexander Arsov, Somerset Maugham’s Apocryphal “Second-Rate” Status: Setting the Record Straight

Richard Reeve, H. Rider Haggard and the New Woman: A Difference in the Genre in Jess and Beatrice

Andrew Scragg, Rudyard Kipling and Shell Shock: “More than a man could bear”

Emily Kopley, Virginia Woolf’s Cousin J. K. Stephen: Forgotten But Not Gone

John Nash, Arnold Bennett and Home Management: Domestic Efficiency

Book reviews by Stephen E. Tabachnick, Edward Eason, Pamela Gossin, Stanley Weintraub, Simon Gatrell, Melissa Shields Jenkins, Patrick A. McCarthy, Bonnie Kime Scott, Mary Lowe-Evans, Peter Balbert, and Brian W. Schaffer.


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