Special issue of Scottish Literary Review on Walter Scott

Scottish Literary Review has released a special issue, 7.2 (2015), on Sir Walter Scott. From the journal:
“No Scottish writer at the present moment surpasses the literary critical mass of Walter Scott. The spike in attention to ‘Scottish Romanticism’ and the internationally recognised editorial project that has been the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels of Walter Scott, now complete in thirty volumes, have undoubtedly provided strong impetuses for the critically sophisticated rediscovery of Scott from the latter part of the twentieth century onwards. The insights arising from these activities have swept aside earlier, badly theorised certainties about Scott’s ‘failure’ to be a true Romantic, or his writing being merely unionist propaganda or, indeed, his creation of a dangerously irresponsible ‘Scottland.’”
Editorial (Gerard Carruthers, editor; Alison Lumsden, guest editor)
A Symposium. Jane Millgate: The Making of Scholarship (Tara Ghoshal, Ian Duncan, Peter Garside, David Hewitt, J.H. Alexander, and Caroline McCracken-Flesher)
Things and the Archive: Scott’s Materialist Legacy (Ann Rigney)
All Ye Know on Earth, and All Ye Need to Know (David Hewitt)
Pickling Virgil? Scott’s Notes to The Lay of the Last Minstrel (Gillian Hughes)
Larder and Library: Revising Archives in Castle Dangerous (Nancy Moore Goslee)
Anxiety in the Archive: From the Antiquary to the Absent Author (Caroline McCracken-Flesher)
‘A vast o’ bits o’ stories’: Shortreed, Laidlaw and Scott’s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border (Lucy Macrae)
We Did Not Think That He Could Die: Letitia Elizabeth Landon and the Afterlife of Scott’s Heroines (Julie Watt)
Hunting for Walter Scott (Deirdre Shepherd)

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