European Romantic Review 26.4 now available

The new issue of ERR is now available. It focuses on “Romanticism in Scandinavia” and includes the following articles:

Robert W. Rix, “Introduction: Romanticism in Scandinavia”

Gunilla Hermansson, “Isles of Felicity – Negotiating a Place for Poetry in Swedish and Danish Romanticism”

Lis Møller, “Refashioning the “Marsk Stig” Ballads: B.S. Ingemann’s The Childhood of King Erik Menved and Carsten Hauch’s Marsk Stig

Robert W. Rix, “‘In darkness they grope’: Ancient Remains and Romanticism in Denmark”

Gry Hedin, “Hieroglyphical Boulders: Johan Thomas Lundbye as Mediator between Art and Science”

Charles I. Armstrong, “Henrik Wergeland’s Bouquet: Fredrika Bremer, Sentimentality and Nationalism in Jan van Huysum’s Flower Piece


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