Studies in Romanticism 53.3 (Fall 2014), in honor of Anne K. Mellor

The Fall 2014 issue of Studies in Romanticism is the special issue “New Directions in Romanticism and Gender: Essays in Honor of Anne. K. Mellor,” coedited by Noah Comet and Susan J. Wolfson.

Institutional subscribers who access the journal through LION have noticed some problems accessing the issue. Proquest informs us that they are working on it. [Update 5/12/15: this issue has been resolved.] For individual subscription information, see the SiR website.

This special issue contains the following articles and reviews:

  • Noah Comet, “Introduction: The Legacy of Anne Mellor”
  • Michelle Levy, “Do Women Have a Book History?”
  • Roxanne Eberle, “Amelia and John Opie: Conjugal Sociability and Romanticism’s Professional Arts”
  • Theresa M. Kelley, “Botanical Figura”
  • Alan Bewell, “Hyena Trouble”
  • Juan Sanchez, “England and Spain and The Domestic Affections: Felicia Hemans and the Politics of Literature”
  • Margaret Russett, “Persuasion, Mediation”
  • Susan J. Wolfson, “Romanticism & Gender & Melancholy”
  • Bruce E. Graver, Review of Mark Lafayette Reed’s A Bibliography of William Wordsworth: 1787-1930
  • Matthew VanWinkle, Review of Luke Savin Herrick Wright’s Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Anglican Church
  • Michael O’Neill, “Susan Matoff’s Conflicted Life: William Jerdan, 1782-1869. London Editor, Author and Critic”

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