Romanticism 21.1 (April 2015) now available

The new issue of Romanticism is available. It includes the following articles:

John Barnard, “Keats’s ‘Forebodings’: Margate, Spring 1817, and After”

Eliza Borkowska, “‘But I am too particular for the limits of my paper’: Religion in Wordsworth’s Poetry, Prose and Talk”

Crawford Gribben, “Scottish Romanticism, Evangelicalism and Robert Pollok’s The Course of Time (1827)”

Heidi Thomson, “Wordsworth’s ‘Song for the Wandering Jew’ as a Poem for Coleridge”

Lucy Cogan, “William Blake’s The Book of Los and the Female Prophetic Tradition”

Padma Rangarajan, “History’s Rank Stew: Walter Scott, James Mill, and the Politics of Time”

Stuart Andrews, “Before the Laureateship: Robert Southey as Historian”


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