European Romantic Review 26.1 (2015) now available

The new issue of European Romantic Review, 26.1 (2015), is out. It contains:

Susan Gustafson & Ute Berns, “Introduction: Expanding and Blurring Borders in German Romanticism”

Gail K. Hart, “Existential Muck: Romantic Borderlessness and Dissolving Dualisms in Schiller’s Die Räuber

Eleanor E. ter Horst, “The Fortuitous Arch: Reconstructing Classical and Christian Interpretations of Sexuality in Kleist’s Das Erdbeben in Chili

Jason M. Peck,Vertigo Ergo Sum: Kant, his Jewish ‘Students’ and the Origins of Romanticism”

Jonathan Blake Fine, “The Birth of Aestheticized Religion out of the Counter-Enlightenment Attraction to Catholicism”

William Davis, “One with Everything: Hölderlin on Acrocorinth”

It also contains Book Reviews by William Christie, Andrew Rudd, Friederike von Schwerin-High, Gilberta Golinelli, Maria Schoina, Wil Verhoeven, Quentin Bailey, Elizabeth A. Fay, and Christine Kenyon-Jones.


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