New Issue of Victorian Literature and Culture 41:1 (March 2013)

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Victorian Literature and Culture
Volume 41, Number 1

  •  Performing Victorian Womanhood: Elsie Fogerty Stages Tennyson’s Princess in Girls’ Schools

Megan A. Norcia

  • Form and Reform: The “Miscellany Novel”

Helen Hauser

  • Destructive Maternity in Aurora Leigh

Laura J. Faulk

  • In the “World of Death and Beauty”: Risk, Control and John Tyndall as Alpinist

R. D. Eaton

  • Our Mutual Engine: The Economics of Victorian Thermodynamics

Jessica Kuskey

  • Gifting Pain: The Pleasures of Liberal Guilt in London, a Pilgrimage and Street Life in London

Tanushree Ghosh

  • Non-Evolutionary Degeneration in Arthur Machen’s Supernatural Tales

Kimberly Jackson

  • Diverting the Drunkard’s Path: Chartist Temperance Narratives

Rob Breton

  • Imitation Fiction: Pirate Citings in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island

Monica F. Cohen

  • Victorians Live

Herbert Sussman, Editor

  1.      Art for the Nation: Sir Charles Eastlake at The National Gallery

Hilary Fraser

  1. Apocalypse Then and Now

Lynda Nead

  1. Exhibiting Dickens at 200

Anne Humpherys


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