Studies in Romanticism 50.2 (Summer 2012)

Studies in Romanticism 51.2 (Summer 2012) is now available. The issue contains the following essays and reviews:

1. Revolution, Rebellion, and a Rajah from Rohilkhand: Recontextualizing Elizabeth Hamilton’s Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah
Author: Sonja Lawrenson
p. 125-147
2. Entailing the Nation: Inheritance and History in Walter Scott’s The Antiquary
 Author: Natasha Tessone
p. 149-177
3. Wordsworth’s “Away, Away, It Is the Air”: A Textual, Intertextual, and Contextual Reading
Author: John Hughes
p. 179-205
4.  Controversial Crabbe: A “Namby-Pamby Mandeville”
Author: Travis Feldman
p. 207-231
5. Blake: Milton inside Milton
Author: Paul Miner
p. 233-279
6. Review of Morton D. Paley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Fine Arts
Author: Anya Taylor
p. 277-280
7. Review of Matthew Rowlinson: Real Money and Romanticism
Author: Alexander Dick
 p. 280-284
8. Review of Alexander Regier and Stefan H. Uhlig, eds., Wordsworth’s Poetic Theory: Knowledge, Language, Experience
Author: Kurt Fosso
 p. 284-288
9. Review of Angela Esterhammer, Romanticism and Improvisation, 1750-1850
Author: Michael Caesar
p. 288-291
10. Review of Marshall Brown, The Tooth that Nibbles at the Soul: Essays on Music and Poetry
Author: Gillen D’Arcy Wood
p. 292-296
11. Review of Nahoko Miyamoto Alvey, Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands: Shelley’s Poetic Development and Romantic Geography
Author: Nicholas Birns
p. 296-300


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