SiR 51.1 (Spring 2012) available

The Spring 2012 issue of Studies in Romanticism is now available, and features the following articles and reviews:

1.                Figuring John Clare: Romanticism, Editing, and the Possibility of Justice
Author: Guyer, Sara

p. 3-24

2.                “Nothing beside remains”: Empty Icons and Elegiac Ekphrasis in Felicia Hemans
Author: Elliott, Brian P

p. 25-40

3.                William Blake, Richard Phillips and the Monthly Magazine
Author: Paley, Morton D

p. 41-57

4.                Literary Activism: James Montgomery, Joanna Baillie, and the Plight of Britain’s Chimney Sweeps
Author: Slagle, Judith Bailey

p. 59-76

5.                The Influence of Anxiety: Spenser and Wordsworth
Author: Peterson, Richard S

p. 77-88

6.                Review of Susan J. Wolfson, Romantic Interactions: Social Being and the Turns of Literary Action
Author: Rzepka, Charles J

p. 89-93

7.                Review of Alexander Schlutz, Mind’s World: Imagination and   Subjectivity from Descartes to Romanticism
Author: Mitchell, Robert

p. 93-98

8.                Review of Laura Quinney, William Blake on Self and Soul
Author: Lincoln, Andrew

p. 98-103

9.                Review of Mary Favret, War at a Distance: Romanticism and the Making of Modern Wartime
Author: Ramsey, Neil

p. 103-107

10.                Review of Diane Long Hoeveler, Gothic Riffs: Secularizing the Uncanny in the European Imaginary, 1780-1820
Author: Collings, David

p. 107-110

11.                Review of Edward Larrissy, The Blind and Blindness in Literature of the Romantic Period
Author: O’Neill, Michael

p. 111-114

12.                   Review of James Bieri, Percy Bysshe Shelley: A Biography
Author: Borushko, Matthew C

p. 114-118