Studies in Romanticism 50.4 (Winter 2011)

Here are the articles and reviews from issue 50.4 (Winter 2011) of Studies in Romanticism:

1. “The Use of Conversation”: William Godwin’s Conversable World and Romantic Sociability

Author: Jon Mee

p. 567-590

2. The Lettered Paul: Remnant and Mission in Hannah More, Walter Scott, and Critical Theory 

Author: Dustin D. Stewart

p. 591-618

3. Lady Susan: Jane Austen’s Machiavellian Moment 

Author: James Mulvihill

p. 619-637

4. Romantic Liberalism and the Juridical Comedy: Robert Bage’s Hermsprong 

Author: Anahid J. Nersessian

p. 639-659

5. Glory and Nothing: Byron Remembers Wordsworth

Author: Peter T. Murphy

p. 661-683

6. Becoming Corsairs: Byron, British Property Rights and Orientalist Economics  

Author: Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud

p. 685-714

7. Review of James M. Garrett, Wordsworth and the Writing of the Nation  

Author: Alison Hickey

p. 715-719

8. Review of David Collings, Monstrous Society: Reciprocity, Discipline, and the Political Uncanny

Author: James O’Rourke

 p. 719-722

9. Review of Felicity James, Charles Lamb, Coleridge and Wordsworth: Reading Friendship in the 1790s

Author: Tim Milnes

p. 722-726


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