RaVoN 57-58: Romantic Cultures of Print, eds. Andrew Piper and Jonathan Sachs

The Hoarding has discovered the latest double-issue of Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net — a special issue on “Romantic Cultures of Print” edited by Andrew Piper and Jonathan Sachs — in pre-release from Erudit. The issue contains the following essays:

  • Andrew Piper and Jonathan Sachs, “Introduction: Romantic Cultures of Print – From Miscellaneity to Dialectic” [HTML] [References]
  • Sanja Perovic, “Mediating Print Culture: Censorship, Revolutionary Journalism and the Manifesto of Equals[HTML] [Abstract]
  • Andrew Franta, “What Jane Austen Read (in the Hampshire Chronicle)” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Carlos Spoerhase, “Reading the Late-Romantic Lending Library: Authorship and the Anxiety of Anonymity in E. T. A. Hoffmann’s Late Work” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Tim Fulford, “Virtual Topography: Poets, Painters, Publishers and the Reproduction of the Landscape in the Early Nineteenth Century” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Matthias Buschmeier, “Fantasies of Immediacy, or, the Boundaries of the Book in Eighteenth Century Travel Narratives” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Mary Fairclough, “Radical Sympathy: Periodical Circulation and the Peterloo Massacre” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Chris Lendrum, “‘Periodical Performance’: The Figure of the Editor in Nineteenth-Century Literary Magazines” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Sean Franzel, “The Romantic Lecture in an Age of Paper (Money): Jean Paul’s Literary Aesthetics across Print and Orality” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Mark Algee-Hewitt, “Acts of Aesthetics: Publishing as Recursive Agency in the Long Eighteenth Century” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Tom Mole, “Spurgeon, Byron, and the Contingencies of Mediation” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • John Savarese and Colin Jager, “Cognition, Culture, Romanticism : A Review Essay” [HTML] [References]
  • Emily Steinlight, “Speculation and Its Discontents: Economic Criticism, Literary History, and the Unpredictable Pleasures of Victorian Fiction : A Review-Essay” [HTML] [References]

In addition, the double-issue contains reviews of recent books by Rothenberg and Robinson, Chandler and McLane, Wright, Mason, Gamer and Porter, Graver, Tetreault and Hannon, Levin, Henderson, Mahood, Koropeckyj, Esterhammer, Schlutz, Mole, Sha, Walker, Hay, Stewart, Agathocleous, Hadley, Butler, Smajić, Ablow, Livesey, Armstrong, Bristow, Betensky, Morgan, Sanders, Alù, McAllister, Watson, Kennedy, Kreuger, Delafield, Bolus-Reichert, McGuire, Stevens, Norcia, Kapila, Logan, Ofek, Hager, Frost, Gilooly and David, and Sadoff.


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