New Issue of 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long 19th Century” Now Available: “Revisiting the Victorian East End”

19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long 19th Century

No. 13 (2011): “Revisiting the Victorian East End”

Table of Contents


Introduction: Revisiting the Victorian East End Abstract PDF HTML
Emma Francis, Nadia Valman
Bedraggled Ballerinas on a Bus Back to Bow: The ‘Fairy Business’ Abstract PDF HTML
Anne Witchard
‘Playing Deaf’: Jewish Women at the Medical Missions of East London, 1880–1920s Abstract PDF HTML
Ellen Ross
Jews in the East End, Jews in the Polity, ‘The Jew’ in the Text Abstract PDF HTML
David Feldman
Reading Room Geographies of Late-Victorian London: The British Museum, Bloomsbury and the People’s Palace, Mile End Abstract PDF HTML
Susan David Bernstein
‘Long Trudges Through Whitechapel’: The East End of Beatrice Webb’s and Clara Collet’s Social Investigations Abstract PDF HTML
Gabrielle Mearns
Arthur Morrison, Criminality, and Late-Victorian Maritime Subculture Abstract PDF HTML
Diana Maltz
The City of Others: Photographs from the City of London Asylum Archive Abstract PDF HTML
Caroline Bressey

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