Studies in Romanticism 50.3 (Fall 2011) available

Here are the articles and reviews from the latest issue of Studies in Romanticism (50.3, Fall 2011).

1. Psyche’s “Whisp’ring Fan” and Keats’s Genealogy of the Secular
 Author: John Savarese

p. 389-411

2. Attraction and Combination: The Science of Metamorphosis in Shelley’s The Revolt of Islam
 Author: Barbara Estermann

p. 413-36

3. Charlotte Smith’s Poetry as Sentimental Discourse
Author: Erinç Özdemir

p. 437-73

4. “When Despotism kept genius in chains”: Imagining Tasso’s Madness and Imprisonment, 1748-1849
 Author: Jason Lawrence

p. 475-503

5. Never Getting Home: The Unfulfilled Promise of Maria Edgeworth’s The Absentee
 Author: Spencer Jackson

p. 505-29

6. Review of Clifford Siskin and William Warner, eds.: This Is Enlightenment
Authors: Alan Bewell, Jon Klancher, Christina Lupton, and Ted Underwood

p. 531-43

7. Review of Samuel Baker, Written on the Water: British Romanticism and the Maritime Empire of Culture
Author: Evan Gottlieb

p. 543-7

8. Review of Michael Ragussis, Theatrical Nation: Jews and Other Outlandish Englishmen in Georgian Britain
Author: Michael Scrivener

 p. 548-53

9. Review of Andrew Elfenbein, Romanticism and the Rise of English
Author: Eugene Green

p. 553-62


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