Studies in Romanticism 50.2 (Summer 2011)

From the SiR website: “Studies in Romanticism celebrates its 50th birthday with a special issue, “Reading Keats, Thinking Politics,”  edited by Emily Rohrbach and Emily Sun, commemorating the 25th anniversary of one of our most successful numbers, “Keats and Politics: a Forum,” edited by Susan M. Wolfson. Contributors to “Reading Keats, Thinking Politics” include Jacques Rancière, Rei Terada, Noel Jackson, Jonathan Mulrooney, Brian McGrath and Magdalena Ostas, as well as a brief interview with David Wagenknecht, who served as editor of SiR for more than three decades.”

Here are the articles and reviews from this anniversary issue:

1. An Interview with David Wagenknecht
Author: Rzepka, Charles J.

p. 221-227

2. Reading Keats, Thinking Politics: An Introduction
Author: Emily Rohrbach and Emily Sun


3. The Politics of the Spider
Author: Jacques Rancière

p. 239-250

4. How Keats Falls
Author: Jonathan Mulrooney

p. 251-273

5. Looking at the Stars Forever
Author: Rei Terada

p. 275-309

6. The Time of Beauty
Author: Noel Jackson

p. 311-334

7. Keats’s Voice
Author: Magdalena Ostas

p. 335-350

8. Keats for Beginners
Author: Brian McGrath

 p. 351-372

9. Review of Timothy Morton, The Ecological Thought
Author: Eric Gidal

p. 373-377

10. Review of Damian Walford Davies, ed., Romanticism, History, Historicism: Essays on an Orthodoxy
Author: Anahid J. Nersessian

p. 377-380

11. Review of Sue Brown, Joseph Severn, a Life: The Rewards of Friendship
Author: Jack Stillinger

p. 381-383


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