RaVoN Issue 56

Issue 56 of Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net contains the following essays:

  • Julie Murray, “At the Surface of Romantic Interiority: Joanna Baillie’s Orra” [HTML] [Abstract] [Table of Contents]
  • Laurie Langbauer, “Marjory Fleming and Child Authors: The Total Depravity of Inanimate Things” [HTML] [Abstract] [Table of Contents]
  • Eric Lindstrom, “What Wordsworth Planted” [HTML] [Abstract][Table of Contents]
  • Jennifer Sarha, “‘The Sultan’s self shan’t carry me’: Negotiations of harem fantasies in Byron’s Don Juan” [HTML] [Abstract] [Table of Contents]
  • Heidi Scott, “Apocalypse Narrative, Chaotic System: Gilbert White’s Natural History of Selborne and Modern Ecology” [HTML] [Abstract] [Table of Contents]
  • Céline Sabiron, “Crossing and Transgressing Borders in The Heart of Midlothian” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • David Buchanan, “Scott Squashed: Chapbook Versions of The Heart of Mid-Lothian” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Heidi J. Snow, “William Wordsworth’s Definition of Poverty” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Julianne Buchsbaum, “Abjection and the Melancholic Imagination: Towards a Poststructuralist Psychoanalytic Reading of Blake’s The Book of Urizen” [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Allison Dushane, “Mere Matter:” Causality, Subjectivity and Aesthetic Form in Erasmus Darwin [HTML] [Abstract]
  • Maureen N. McLane, “British Romanticism Unbound: Reading William St Clair’s The Reading Nation : A Review Essay” [HTML] [References]

The issue also contains reviews of books by David Fairer; Michael O’Neill; Noel Jackson; Anne-Lise François; Penny Fielding; Peter W. Graham; James H. Donelan; Mike Goode; Richard Bronk; Rachel Teukolsky; Jason Rudy; Elizabeth Carolyn Miller; Nicholas Frankel; Sandra Hagen and Juliette Wells; Sara Malton; Nancy Henry and Cannon Schmidt; Susan David Bernstein and Elsie B. Michie; Jenny Holt; Matthew Rubery; Kathryn Ledbetter; Cheryl A. Wilson; Gwen Hyman; Sue Thomas; Stefanie Markovits; John Plotz; and David Lloyd.


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