Summer Issue of Victorian Poetry Available: On Prosody, Paired with Hopkins Quarterly Issue

Victorian Poetry

Volume 49, Number 2, Summer 2011

This issue is paired with the Spring-summer 2011 issue of Hopkins’ Quarterly (XXXVIII), which is also organized around the subject of Prosody.



Victorian Prosody: Measuring the Field
pp. 149-160
Ironizing Prosody in John Davidson’s “A Ballad in Blank Verse”
pp. 161-178
Materializing Meter: Physiology, Psychology, Prosody
pp. 179-197
Polymetrical Dissonance: Tennyson, A. Mary F. Robinson, and Classical Meter
pp. 199-216
Eye Rhyme: Visual Experience and the Poetics of Gerard Manley Hopkins
pp. 217-233
Rhythms, Poetic and Political: The Case of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
pp. 235-252
Manifest Prosody
pp. 253-266
Poetic Data and the News from Poems: A For Better for Verse Memoir
pp. 267-281

Hopkins Quarterly (XXXVIII) Spring-Summer 2011

Hopkins’s Prosody
pp. 1-30
Patmore, Hopkins, and the Problem of the English Metrical Law
pp. 31-49
Thronging the Ear: Hopkins and the Counterpoint of Prosody
pp. 51-72
Good(s) Sonnets: Hopkins’s Moral Materiality
pp. 73-92
“Opening” the Pentameter: Hopkins’s Metrical Experimentation
pp. 93-110

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