New Romantic Praxis volume, “Romantic Fandom,” Now Available

Romantic Fandom
A Romantic Circles Praxis Volume
Edited by Eric Eisner

Table of Contents

* "Introduction"
* Eric Eisner, George Mason University

* "Fandom mapped: Rousseau, Scott and Byron on the Itinerary of Lady Frances Shelley"
* Nicola J. Watson, Open University

* "On His Knees: Stendhal, Byron and a Hundred Irresistible Impulses"
* Clara Tuite, University of Melbourne

* "Byron in the Satirist: Aristocratic Lounging and Literary Labor"
* Mark Schoenfield, Vanderbilt University

* "The Moment of Tom and Jerry ('when fistycuffs were the fashion')"
* David A. Brewer, The Ohio State University

With essays by Nicola J. Watson, Clara Tuite, Mark Schoenfield, and David A. Brewer, this volume deepens our understanding of Romanticism’s publics as socially heterogeneous, inventive, and unpredictable, shaped by and shaping rapidly changing institutions of performance, publication, reading, spectatorship, leisure and consumption. By mapping the complicated social dynamics informing the activity of particular fans, Romantic Fandom demonstrates both the diversity of Romantic fan practices and the historical particularity of the forms Romantic fandom takes. While these essays contest literary criticism’s often habitual abjection of the fan, they also resist conflating Romantic fandom with our own.

You can find Romantic Fandom here:


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