New Issue: English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920 (54:2), 2011

Table of Contents


Fictional Medical Women and Moral Therapy in the Late-Nineteenth Century: Daughters of Aesculapius, Mothers to All
pp. 139-164
Edwardian Transitions in the Fiction of Una L. Silberrad
pp. 212-233

Book Reviews

Concerning E. M. Forster (review)
pp. 234-236
Posting It: The Victorian Revolution in Letter Writing (review)
pp. 236-240
Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Life (review)
pp. 240-243
Leonard Merrick: A Forgotten Novelist’s Novelist (review)
pp. 243-247
Robert Louis Stevenson and Joseph Conrad: Writers of Transition (review)
pp. 247-250
British Aestheticism and Ancient Greece: Hellenism, Reception, Gods in Exile (review)
pp. 250-254
Broadcasting Modernism (review)
pp. 254-258
Joseph Conrad in Context (review)
pp. 258-261
Conrad and History (review)
pp. 262-263

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