Byron Journal 38:2 (2010): New Issue Now Available


Table of contents


Michael Foot: A Reminiscence

Two Byron Forgeries and a Manuscript Poem by Violet Fane
pp. 119-124
The Struggle with Language in Byron’s Cain
pp. 125-134
‘Full many a line undone’: Why Misprints Matter in Don Juan
pp. 135-144
Bubbles, Butterflies and Bores: Play and Boredom in Don Juan
pp. 145-156
Russian Byronism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
pp. 157-167
Letter to the Editor
p. 169
‘Byron’s Religions’ Nottingham Trent University 1 May 2010
pp. 170-172
36th International Byron Society Conference ‘Byron and the Book’ Boston, 26–31 July 2010
pp. 173-179

Byron and the Isles of Imagination: A Romantic Chart (review)
pp. 180-182
The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Byron (review)
pp. 182-183
The Domestication of Genius: Biography and the Romantic Poet (review)
pp. 183-185
The Original ‘Frankenstein’, and: Frankenstein: Icon of Modern Culture (review)
pp. 185-187
Bright Stars: John Keats, Barry Cornwall and Romantic Literary Culture (review)
pp. 188-190
Wordsworth in American Literary Culture (review)
pp. 190-191
Charles Lamb, Elia and the London Magazine: Metropolitan Muse (review)
pp. 192-193
Charlotte M. Yonge: Religion, Feminism and Realism in the Victorian Novel (review)
pp. 193-195
The Edinburgh Companion to Robert Burns (review)
pp. 195-197
Romantic Echoes in the Victorian Era (review)
pp. 197-200
The International Byron Societies 2009–2010
p. 201

Byron Society of America
pp. 201-202
French Byron Society
p. 202
Japanese Byron Society
pp. 202-203
Newstead Abbey Byron Society
pp. 203-204
Russian Byron Society
pp. 204-206
The International Byron Societies Officers and Addresses
pp. 207-211

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