Victorian Studies 52:3 (Spring 2010) Available

Victorian Studies

Volume 52, Number 3, Spring 2010

Table of Contents

The Mobile Museum: Collecting and Circulating Indian Textiles in Victorian Britain
pp. 353-385
A Great Man in Clogs: Performing Authenticity in Victorian Lancashire
pp. 387-412
Adventures in the Archives: Two Literary Critics in Pursuit of a Victorian Subject
pp. 413-439

Review Forum

Books on Charles Darwin and Darwiniana

Visualizing Darwinian Evolution
pp. 441-448
Seeking Darwin’s Origins
pp. 449-456
Darwin and the Memory of the Human: Evolution, Savages, and South America (review)
pp. 457-459
The Cambridge Companion to the “Origin of Species,” (review)
pp. 460-462

Book Reviews

A History of Victorian Literature (review)
pp. 463-465
Victorian Literature and Postcolonial Studies (review)
pp. 465-466
Empires of Religion (review)
pp. 467-468
The Fenian Problem: Insurgency and Terrorism in a Liberal State, 1858–1874 (review)
pp. 468-470
Mendelssohn and Victorian England (review)
pp. 471-472
Literature and Dance in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Jane Austen to the New Woman (review)
pp. 472-474
British Aestheticism and Ancient Greece: Hellenism, Reception, Gods in Exile (review)
pp. 474-476
Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite Vision (review)
pp. 476-478
G. F. Watts: Victorian Visionary: Highlights from the Watts Gallery Collection (review)
pp. 478-480
The Brontës in the World of the Arts (review)
pp. 480-482
Illustrating Camelot (review)
pp. 482-484
Victorian Vulgarity: Taste in Verbal and Visual Culture (review)
pp. 484-486
Material Cultures, 1740–1920: The Meanings and Pleasures of Collecting (review)
pp. 486-488
British University Observatories 1772–1932 (review)
pp. 489-491
Bugs and the Victorians (review)
pp. 491-493
Literary Remains: Representations of Death and Burial in Victorian England (review)
pp. 493-495
Blessed Days of Anaesthesia: How Anaesthetics Changed the World (review)
pp. 495-497
Living in Sin: Cohabiting as Husband and Wife in Nineteenth-Century England (review)
pp. 497-498
Incest and Influence: The Private Life of Bourgeois England (review)
pp. 499-500
Conceptualizing Cruelty to Children in Nineteenth-Century England: Literature, Representation, and the NSPCC (review)
pp. 501-502
Slum Travelers: Ladies and London Poverty, 1860–1920 (review)
pp. 502-504
Ouida the Phenomenon: Evolving Social, Political, and Gender Concerns in her Fiction (review)
pp. 504-506
The Politics of Gender in Anthony Trollope’s Novels: New Reading for the Twenty-First Century (review)
pp. 506-509
Wilkie Collins: A Literary Life (review)
pp. 509-511
The Dynamics of Genre: Journalism and the Practice of Literature in Mid-Victorian Britain, and: The Novelty of Newspapers: Victorian Fiction After the Invention of the News (review)
pp. 511-513
British Short Fiction in the Early Nineteenth Century: The Rise of the Tale, and: From Sketch to Novel: The Development of Victorian Fiction (review)
pp. 514-516
Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880–1940: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernism (review)
pp. 516-518
Past into Print: The Publishing of History in Britain 1850–1950 (review)
pp. 518-519
The Edinburgh History of the Book in Scotland, Volume 3: Ambition and Industry 1800–1880 (review)
pp. 519-521
Becoming a Woman of Letters: Myths of Authorship and Facts of the Victorian Market (review)
pp. 522-523

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