Journal of Victorian Culture Online: New Online Edition of JVC

The editorial board of the Journal of Victorian Culture is pleased to announce the creation and launch of its online edition, the Journal of Victorian Culture Online:

In addition to featuring some content from the print edition of the journal in the “Out Now” and “Coming Soon” sections, JVC Online hopes to support lively scholarly exchanges on the “Editor’s Blog” and “Reader’s Form” pages. The “Events” and “Resources” sections will keep scholars up-to-date on conferences, associations, and digital archives. Given popular culture’s interest in the nineteenth century, we have created the “Victorians Beyond the Academy” section to facilitate discussion of Victorian-related exhibits, films, television series, art, objects, comic books, and various other current cultural artifacts, ephemera, and events.

Embracing the participatory possibilities of digital publishing, we cordially invite the Victorian studies scholarly community to contribute to the site by posting original content and commenting on existing posts. We envision this site as a  dynamic and collegial virtual space, giving nineteenth century studies scholars a unique venue to consider new ideas and share insights. We look forward to your contributions and comments!

Lisa Hager
Online Editor

University of Wisconsin – Waukesha
1500 North University Dr.
Waukesha, WI 53188-2720
Office: 129 Westview ||
Second Life: LisaLucas Kaestner


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