Victorian Poetry 48: 2 (Summer 2010) Now Available


Volume 48, Number 2, Summer 2010

Table of Contents

Pastoral Elegy into Romantic Lyric: Generic Transformation in Matthew Arnold’s “Thyrsis”
pp. 173-194
“Oh, lift me over the threshold, and let me in at the door!”: Boundaries and Thresholds in Mary Coleridge’s Poetry
pp. 195-218
Limited Knowledge and the Tractarian Doctrine of Reserve in Christina Rossetti’s The Face of the Deep
pp. 219-241
Edmund Gosse and the Stubborn Villanelle Blunder
pp. 243-266
The Can Of Ail: A. E. Housman’s Moral Irony
pp. 267-285
Graham R.: Rosamund Marriott Watson, Woman of Letters (review)
pp. 287-289

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