New Issue of Victorian Periodicals Review (43:2; Summer 2010) on “supplements”

Victorian Periodicals Review

Volume 43, Number 2, Summer 2010

E-ISSN: 1712-526X Print ISSN: 0709-4698

Table of Contents


Finding and Defining the Victorian Supplement
pp. 97-110
Lost and Found: Serial Supplements in the Nineteenth Century
pp. 111-118
Companions, Supplements, and the Proliferation of Print in the 1830s
pp. 119-132
Subversive Supplements: Satirical Title Pages of the Periodical Press in the 1830s
pp. 133-148
“Killing Time,” or Mrs. Braby’s Peppermints: The Double Economy of the Family Herald and the Family Herald Supplements
pp. 149-173
What? How? Why?: Broadening the Mind with the Treasury of Literature (1868–1875), Supplement to the Ladies’ Treasury (1857–1895)
pp. 174-195
Supplements and Paratext: The Rhetoric of Space
pp. 196-210

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