New issue of The Byron Journal, 38:1 (2010)

The Byron Journal

Volume 38, Issue 1, 2010

E-ISSN: 1757-0263 Print ISSN: 0301-7257

Table of Contents

Memories of Andrew Nicholson
pp. 1-6
The Byronic Hero, Theatricality and Leadership
pp. 7-18
‘She Walks in Beauty’ and the Theory of the Sublime
pp. 19-27
Least Like Saints: The Vexed Issue of Byron’s Sexuality
pp. 29-37
‘I Like the Albanians Much’: Byron and Three Twentieth-Century British Travellers to Albania
pp. 39-48
The Mysterious Dwyer: An Unpublished Note by Byron
pp. 49-58
Letters to the Editor
pp. 59-61
The 35th International Byron Society Conference: ‘Lord Byron and History’ 6-13 September 2009 Messolonghi and Athens
pp. 62-70
‘Byron and the Politics of Continental Europe’ 4-5 December 2009 The Byron Centre University of Manchester
pp. 71-75
Byron Society of America Session: ‘Byron and the Revolutionary Spirit’ 28 December 2009 Modern Language Association Conference Philadelphia
pp. 76-77
Byron Society of America and Scottish Literature Discussion Group Session: ‘Four O’Clock Friends: John Murray and His Circle’ 29 December 2009 Modern Language Association Conference Philadelphia
pp. 78-79
Byron’s Poetry and Prose (review)
pp. 80-82
Lord Byron and the History of Desire (review)
pp. 82-84
Thomas De Quincey: New Theoretical and Critical Directions (review)
pp. 84-87
Writing the Empire: Robert Southey and Romantic Colonialism (review)
pp. 84-87
The Romantic Legacy of Paradise Lost (review)
pp. 89-91
Perverse Romanticism: Aesthetics and Sexuality in Britain, 1750–1832 (review)
pp. 91-94
British Labouring-Class Nature Poetry, 1730–1837 (review)
pp. 94-95
Writing Against Revolution: Literary Conservatism in Britain, 1790-1832 (review)
pp. 96-97
Petrarch in Romantic England (review)
pp. 97-99
The Salt Companion to Harold Bloom (review)
pp. 99-102
Report from the Salerooms
pp. 103-105
The International Byron Societies 2009-2010
p. 106

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