CFP: Female Aestheticism (12/31/10; special issue of CVE)

CFP: Female Aestheticism (12/31/10; special Oct. 2011 issue of French journal of British Victorian studies, “Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens“)

The 74th issue of CVE will be devoted to “Female Aestheticism”. The proposed special issue seeks to chart the progress of the study of “forgotten female Aesthetes”. Ten years after the publication of Talia Schaffer’s ground-breaking book, “The Forgotten Female Aesthetes: Literary Culture in Late-Victorian England” (University Press of Virginia 2000), what is the current state of research on late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century British female novelists, poets, essayists and visual artists influenced by or working within the Aesthetic Movement?

Original essays may be submitted exploring specific Aesthetic works/authors/artists, or addressing broader questions of social networks, cultural influence or resistance, and aesthetic significance.

Suggested authors/artists may include:
Ouida, Una Ashworth Taylor, Elizabeth Von Arnim, Olive Custance, Marie
Corelli, Vernon Lee, Lucas Malet, Victoria Cross, Alice Meynell, Ella
D’Arcy, Ella Hepworth Dixon, Netta Syrett, Mona Caird, Elizabeth Pennell,
Michael Field, Mary Evelyn Pickering De Morgan, Annie Swynnerton …

Suggested topics may include:
–    the connections, influences and differences between male and female Aesthetes
–    circles and networks of female Aesthetes
–    the influence of periodicals in the making and circulating of the work of female Aesthetes (The Yellow Book, Woman’s World etc.)
–    female Aesthetes and art institutions (Slade School of Art, Grosvenor gallery etc.)
–    gender and genre
–    the New Woman and the Female Aesthete
–    the Female Aesthete and Pre-Raphaelitism
–    female Aestheticism and Modernism, or/and female Aesthetes in the eyes of female Modernists

The deadline is 31 December 2010. Paper length is between 4000-6000 words.

Presentation style is MLA, with a few specific requirements:

-Font: Times New Roman 10, double-spaced
-Please use footnotes, NOT endnotes
-A “Works cited” section should be included at the end of the article

Please email your submission (in English or French) as an RTF attachment together with an abstract and a short bio in a separate document to

Your name and affiliation should not appear anywhere on the paper.

Email enquiries are welcome.

Dr. Catherine Delyfer
Senior Lecturer
English Departement
University of Montpellier, France
Research Centre E.M.M.A. (EA 741)
Assistant editor of CVE


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