The Wordsworth Circle: New Issue (Winter 2010), Papers from Grasmere 2009



Winter, 2010

Papers from the Grasmere Summer Conference 2009

Darwin and Romanticism by Gillian Beer

Wordsworth’s Response to Darwin by Robert M. Ryan

A Question of Nature: Byron and Wordsworth by  J. Andrew Hubbell

Three Aspects of Darwin’s Ethical Practice by Peter W. Graham

Time to Retire? Coleridge and Wordsworth Go to Work by Paul H. Fry

Wordsworth’s Maculate Exception: Achieving the “Spots of Time” by Peter Larkin

Shelley’s Good Vibrations: His Marginal Notes to Hartley’s Observations on Man by Ann Wroe

The 1850 Prelude and the Ethics of Editions by W. Michael Johnstone


“The Old Cumberland Beggar”: Form and Frustrated Sympathy by Joshua King

Prophecy and Imagination in the Romantic City by Tim Fulford

Unsocial Kant: The Philosopher and the Un-regarded War Dead by David L. Clark

Lean Earth Off Trees Unaslant, V  by Peter Larkin


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