English Literature in Transition: Spring 2010 issue

The new issue (53:2) of English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920 is now available via Project MUSE:


Monsieur Voiron in Kipling’s “The Bull That Thought”: What the Critics Missed
pp. 131-149
Catastrophe and Development in the Adventure Romance
pp. 150-169
Reclaiming Late-Victorian Popular Fiction
pp. 170-181
Gertrude Bell and the Poetics of Translation: The Divan of Hafez
pp. 182-203
Child Sacrifice and the Crisis of Gender in Mary Cholmondeley’s Major Fiction
pp. 204-218

Book Reviews

Shaw: “For God’s sake, stop selling my books, or I shall be ruined”
pp. 219-222
Bloomsbury Artists in American Collections
pp. 223-226
Conan Doyle: Private Letters
pp. 226-229
Class in Late-Victorian Britain
pp. 229-233
Vernon Lee’s Supernatural Tales
pp. 233-237
Woolf: A Critical Biography
pp. 237-240
The “New” Tradition of Eliot
pp. 241-244
Modernism: Sex & Pleasure
pp. 245-248
From 1894: A Sunless Heart
pp. 248-251
Reading Modernist Time Through Four Women Writers
pp. 251-254

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