The Victorian Studies Association of Ontario: New Website

Founded in 1967 to promote the study of all aspects of Victorian culture, the
interdisciplinary Victorian Studies Association of Ontario (VSAO) is the second
oldest Victorian studies association in the world. We welcome new members from
universities, libraries, museums – all those who share an interest in Victorian


* The annual Spring Conference held in downtown Toronto.

* Sponsorship of local meetings in Ontario communities, usually organized around
a lecture, followed by discussion, conversation, and refreshments.

* Sponsorship of a panel of interdisciplinary papers at the annual Congress of
the Social Sciences and Humanities conference.

* Membership in the Network of Canadian Victorian Studies Associations, which
promotes links among scholars and associations across Canada, and membership in
the International Association of Victorian Studies Organizations, which provides
a virtual directory for the facilitation of research and collaboration, bringing
together scholars and architectural preservationists, academic associations and
local history societies.

* Political lobbying in support of architectural preservation, art gallery
collections, library holdings, and other community issues relevant to the
interests of Victorianists.

Please visit our new website– — to find out more…


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