Conference program: “Fighting Victorians,” NVSA 2010, Princeton, April 16-18

The conference program and registration information for the 2010 NVSA “Fighting Victorians” conference, to be held at Princeton University on April 16-18, 2010, is now available.

You can also download a pdf fill of the program information here.



1:00-4:00 pm Registration and Dinner Sign-Up 010 East Pyne Foyer
2:00 -3:00 pm Special Victorian Curiosities Library Visit and Museum Tour:
(Space is limited and prior registration is required; see below.)
Firestone Library and
Princeton Museum of Art
4:00 pm Welcome 010 East Pyne
4:15-5:45 pm Staged Fights: Ulrich Knoepflmacher (Princeton U), Moderator

  • Greg Vargo (Columbia U), “Revenge in the Age of Insurance: Villains and
    Institutions in Chartist Melodrama”
  • Evan Rhodes (U of Virginia), “‘Hitting Below the Intellect’: Oscar
    Wilde’s Libel Trial and the Aesthetics of Boxing”
  • Daniel Pollack-Pelzner (Harvard U), “Bardolatry Battles Burlesque!!”
010 East Pyne
6:00-7:00 pm Reception Chancellor Green Rotunda
7:00-9:00 pm Dinner
At Friday registration, we will have a list of local restaurants (all within walking distance) with blocks of seats reserved for the NVSA conference. Please sign up for one of these restaurants at the conference registration. Groups can leave for dinner directly from the reception.
in Town
9:00 pm Following dinner, please join us for a special Fighting Victorians event:Dramatic Reading: The Pickwick Papers, Trial Scene 010 East Pyne


8:00-9:00 am Registration, Breakfast, Book Tables 010 East Pyne Foyer
9:00-10:45 am Keynote Panel: Seth Koven (Rutgers U), Moderator

  • Anna Clark (U of Minnesota)
  • Elaine Hadley (U of Chicago)
  • Alex Woloch (Stanford U)
010 East Pyne
10:45-11:00 am Coffee 010 East Pyne Foyer
11:00 am-12:30 pm At the Limits of Conflict: Sarah Gates (St. Lawrence U), Moderator

  • Rachel Ablow (SUNY Buffalo), “The Feeling of Belief: Victorian Fictions of Disagreement
  • Jonathan Farina (Seton Hall U), “Not Thrashing and Not Knowing; Or,
    ‘That banging about of another man with a stick is always disagreeable and seldom successful’”
  • Rebecca Rainof (Catholic U), “Victorians in Purgatory: The Poetics of
    Conciliation, Or Why The Dream of Gerontius was So Popular”
010 East Pyne
12:30-2:15 pm Lunch
The Saturday lunch, a convivial event at which topics are proposed and voted on for the following year, is a long-standing tradition; everyone is warmly encouraged to attend and participate.
Chancellor Green Hyphen
2:30-4:00 pm Solidarity, Separation, and the Nation: Jonathan Loesberg (American U), Moderator

  • Sebastian Lecourt (Yale U), “Religion, Culture, and the Mormon Problem”
  • Richard Bonfiglio (U of Chicago), “Bringing Home the Fight: Barrett
    Browning’s Domestic Warfare”
  • Sarah Gracombe (Stonehill College), “Fighting for Englishness:
    Anglo-Jewish Bodies and the Body Politic”
010 East Pyne
4:00-4:15 pm Coffee 010 East Pyne Foyer
4:15-5:45 pm Session A Sanctioned Violence: Will Lee (Yeshiva U), Moderator

  • Ingrid Hanson (U of Sheffield, UK), “‘I saw the battle awake’: William
    Morris’s Late Poems and the Uses of Violence in Verse”
  • Lawrence Poston (U of Illinois, Chicago), “‘These Oxford Squabbles’:
    Zeal on Behalf of the Church”
  • Judith Plotz (George Washington), “The Moral Torturers: Kipling and the
    Uses of Comic Cruelty”
010 East Pyne
4:15-5:45 pm Session B Genres of Disagreement: Linda Shires (Yeshiva U), Moderator

  • Meredith Conti (U of Pittsburg), “Pugilism in Print and the Ibsen
    Controversy: Reevaluating the Codes of Victorian Debate at the Fin de Siècle”
  • Kelly Mays (U of Nevada, Las Vegas), “The ‘Battle of Styles’ and the
    Emergence of the Term Victorian”
  • Anne DeWitt (Princeton U), “Genre and Victorian Argument: What Fiction Did for Antivivisection”
036 East Pyne
6:15 pm Reception Prospect House
7:00 Dinner
Post-Dinner Entertainment: Music Hall Performance and Sing-Along
Prospect House


8:00-9:00 am Breakfast and Book Exhibit 010 East Pyne Foyer
9:00-10:30 am Histories of Violence: Stefanie Markovitz (Yale U), Moderator

  • Muireann O’Cinneide (National U of Ireland, Galway), “‘His own mind was
    the theatre of a breathless strife’: Fighting, Feelings, and Genres in Alexander
    Kinglake’s Eothen and The Invasion of the Crimea”
  • Patrick O’Malley (Georgetown U), “Fighting Irish: M. L. O’Byrne’s Battles”
  • Aaron Worth (Boston U) “Fighting Neanderthals: Prehistoric Violence in
    the Victorian Age”
010 East Pyne
10:30-10:45 am Coffee 010 East Pyne Foyer
10:45 am-12:15 pm Figuring Struggle: Judith Wilt (Boston College), Moderator

  • Jessica Kuskey (Syracuse U), “Vampires versus Socialists: The Politics
    of Violence and Victimization in the Working-Class Press”
  • Katherine Matson (U of Virginia), “‘Is it peace or war?’: Aggression and
    the Limitation of Liability in Tennyson’s Maud”
  • Aviva Briefel (Bowdoin College), “Crimes of the Hand: Detection and the
    Belgian Congo”
010 East Pyne
12:15-1:00 pm Conference Wrap-Up

  • Jeff Nunokawa (Princeton U)
  • Carolyn Williams (Rutgers U)

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