Victorian Poetry CFP: “Browning among the Victorians — and After”

Browning Bicentenary issue of Victorian Poetry
Summer 2012

Robert Browning is a quintessentially Victorian poet, deeply rooted in the
period’s culture, and conscious of its politics and intellectual and religious
debates. At the same time, he is a significant – though not always duly
acknowledged – influence on later authors. He has also lent himself well to
twentieth-century critical theory, having been claimed by approaches as wide-
ranging as Deconstruction, New Historicism and feminism. How do we assess
him 200 years after his birth, in an age when a variety of critical theories
coexists with a strong interest in broader issues of Victorian culture?

For this special issue of Victorian Poetry, the editors invite articles that offer
fresh considerations of Browning’s work within its Victorian context – and

Subjects may include, but are not limited to:

Browning and contemporary poetics
Browning among the modernists
Postmodern theory reframing Browning’s poetics
Historicisms, old, new, and revisionist
Browning in the empire
Browning in Europe
Poetic language and culture
Rereading Browning’s religious casuistry
Browning’s (sexual) politics
Reassessing the dramatic monologue
Browning on the stage

Deadline for finished essays: 1 November 2011.

Please address proposals and inquiries to one of the editors:

Mary Ellis Gibson
Professor of English
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
3115 MHRA
Greensboro NC 27402-6170

Britta Martens
Department of English
University of the West of England
St. Matthias Campus, Fishponds
Bristol BS16 2JP


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