Victorian Studies 51:4 (Summer 2009) Available

The latest issue of Victorian Studies contains the following articles (by Nathan Hensley, Michelle Tusan, Jennifer Bann, and Kate Flint), along with a plethora of reviews, as follows:
Armadale and the Logic of Liberalism
pp. 607-632
The Business of Relief Work: A Victorian Quaker in Constantinople and Her Circle
pp. 633-662
Ghostly Hands and Ghostly Agency: The Changing Figure of the Nineteenth-Century Specter
pp. 663-686
The “hour of pink twilight”: Lesbian Poetics and Queer Encounters on the Fin-de-siècle Street
pp. 687-712

Book Reviews

Bombay Anna: The Real Story and Remarkable Adventures of The King and I Governess (review)
pp. 713-714
The Forgotten Prime Minister: The 14th Earl of Derby, Vol. 1, Ascent, 1799–1851, and: The Forgotten Prime Minister: The 14th Earl of Derby, Vol. 2, Achievement, 1851-1869 (review)
pp. 714-717
British Democracy and Irish Nationalism 1876–1906 (review)
pp. 717-719
Politics and Awe in Rudyard Kipling’s Fiction (review)
pp. 719-720
Protesting about Pauperism: Poverty, Politics and Poor Relief in Late-Victorian England, 1870–1900 (review)
pp. 721-723
Masculinity and the English Working Class: Studies in Victorian Autobiography and Fiction, and: New Men in Trollope’s Novels: Rewriting the Victorian Male (review)
pp. 723-726
Contested Identities: Catholic Religious Women in Nineteenth-Century England and Wales (review)
pp. 726-727
Cambridge Theology in the Nineteenth Century: Enquiry, Controversy and Truth (review)
pp. 728-729
Religious Experience and the New Woman: The Life of Lily Dougall (review)
pp. 729-732
Jeanie, an ‘Army of One’: Mrs. Nassau Senior, 1828-1877, The First Woman in Whitehall (review)
pp. 732-733
Feminist Realism at the Fin de Siècle: The Influence of the Late-Victorian Women’s Press on the Development of the Novel (review)
pp. 734-736
G. W. M. Reynolds: Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Politics and the Press (review)
pp. 736-738
The Victorian Press and the Fairy Tale (review)
pp. 738-740
Victorian Freaks: The Social Context of Freakery in Britain (review)
pp. 740-741
Romantic Echoes in the Victorian Era (review)
pp. 742-744
Victorian Turns, NeoVictorian Returns: Essays on Fiction and Culture (review)
pp. 744-746
Tides of History: Ocean Science and Her Majesty’s Navy (review)
pp. 746-747
The Late Victorian Navy: The Pre-Dreadnought Era and the Origins of the First World War (review)
pp. 747-749
Missionary Education and Empire in Late Colonial India, 1860-1920 (review)
pp. 749-751
‘The Better Class’ of Indians: Social Rank, Imperial Identity, and South Asians in Britain, 1858–1914 (review)
pp. 751-753
Imperialism, Reform, and the Making of Englishness in Jane Eyre (review)
pp. 753-754
Intimate Outsiders: The Harem in Ottoman and Orientalist Art and Travel Literature (review)
pp. 754-757
Britain, the Empire and the World at the Great Exhibition of 1851 (review)
pp. 757-759
Art and the Transitional Object in Vernon Lee’s Supernatural Tales (review)
pp. 759-761
Tennyson’s Name: Identity and Responsibility in the Poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson (review)
pp. 761-762
Fateful Beauty: Aesthetic Environments, Juvenile Development, and Literature, 1860-1960 (review)
pp. 762-764
Come Buy, Come Buy: Shopping and the Culture of Consumption in Victorian Women’s Writing (review)
pp. 765-766
Portable Property: Victorian Culture on the Move (review)
pp. 766-768
Commodity Culture in Dickens’s Household Words: The Social Life of Goods (review)
pp. 769-770
Knowing Dickens (review)
pp. 770-772


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