Keats-Shelley Journal: New Issue (58) 2009

From Jeanne Moskal, editor:

The Keats-Shelley Association announces the publication of the 2009 Keats-Shelley Journal. Along with book reviews and our annual bibliography, it contains the articles listed below

  • "Interpolation as Inspiration: `Sight-Wonder' in Keats, Chapman, and Homer" by Anne C. MacMaster and Holly M. Sypniewski
  • "Book Fancy: Bibliomania and the Literary Word" by Ina Ferris
  • "The Difficult Education of Shelley's `Triumph of Life'" by Joel Faflak
  • "In Praise of the Démêler: William Godwin and the Romantic Mixture" by Mark Lounibos
  • "Felicia Hemans and the `Exquisite Remains' of Modern Greece" by Noah Comet
  • "New Severn Letters and Paintings: An Update with Corrections" by Grant F. Scott
  • "John Hunt to Edwin Atherstone: Seven Letters" by Timothy Webb

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