Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies Fall 2009 Issue Available

Here is the table of contents of the most recent issue of JPRS:


The Journal of Pre-Raphelite Studies

Volume 18 New Series Fall 2009




The Consuming Aesthetic of Dante
Rossetti’s “The Orchard-pit” and Bocca Baciata

Brian Donnelly 4
“My Soul Another Echo There”:
Rossetti’s “The Portrait” and Ekphrastic Disavowal
Lawrence J. Starzyk 27
Dante Rossetti as Disegnatore:
Hesterna Rosa, Found, Hamlet and Ophelia,
and Mary Magdalene at the Door of Simon the Pharisee
D. M. R. Bentley 41
Hard Weather George Meredith 68
Christina Rossetti and the
“Rossetti Manuscript” of William Blake
John Woolford 72
Epic: Britain’s Heroic Muse, 1790-1910
by Herbert F. Tucker
Linda H. Peterson 85
Style and the Nineteenth-Century
Critic: Sincere Mannerisms
by Jason Camlot
Dallas Liddle 91
Ophelia and Victorian Visual
Culture: Representing Body Politics
in the Nineteenth Century
by Kimberly Rhodes
Pamela Fletcher 95
The Demon and the Damozel: Dynamics
of Desire in the Works of Christina Rossetti
and Dante Gabriel Rossetti
by Suzanne M. Waldman
David A. Kent 98
Alfred Gilbert’s Aestheticism:
Gilbert amongst Whistler, Wilde,
Leighton, Pater, and Burne-Jones
by Jason Edwards
Juliette Peers 103
Illustrating Camelot by Barbara Tepa Lupack Kyle Stoneman 109

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