NEH Summer Seminar: “Romanticism and Aesthetics,” Nebraska

From Steve Behrendt at the University of Nebraska:

Dear Colleagues,

I’d like to call to your attention an NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers that I will be directing at the University of Nebraska next summer (2010). The seminar will run for five weeks, from 7 June through 9 July, which will leave participants with a large chunk of their summer still intact when we finish. The stipend for this 5-week seminar will be *$3900*.

The seminar title is “The Aesthetics of British Romanticism, Then and Today.” My plan is for us to revisit the broad topic of aesthetics as related to Romantic-era writing in Britain. Especially in light of recovery and reassessment work in both poetry and prose fiction, this is a good time to examine once again — and anew — some of the “principles,” assumptions, and practices involved in assessment and valuation of literary work during the Romantic era, as evidenced by actual documents, both primary and secondary. At the same time, I’d like us also to consider recent critical and theoretical work on aesthetics as related to Romantic-era writing in particular. Participants will have opportunities to work on individual research projects in a pleasant setting with excellent library resources, and in company with other Romanticists actively pursuing related interests and projects. We will have multiple formal sessions (mornings, 3-4 times a week) for presentations and discussions on common topics relating to our subject, in part to help generate both context and shared consultation for the individual projects — which may include pedagogical ones — on which participants are engaged.

To this end, I invite inquiries and applications from colleagues working on individual writers as well as on multiple writers or writing (and reviewing) communities, in all genres, as well as colleagues involved with broader issues of aesthetics and criticism. Furthermore, I welcome inquiries and applications from colleagues in disciplines other than traditional English studies (like Philosophy, Art History, Theatre and Drama, etc.).

*NEW THIS YEAR:* NEH now permits two seminar positions to be awarded to graduate students (presumably at an advanced stage), in addition to the usual ones for college and university teachers and independent scholars. The “full” seminar will therefore be limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

*FOR FULL DETAILS:* I have posted a very detailed description of the seminar, with multiple links to further information, resources, and application instructions and materials, on my website at the following location:
While this site details both the seminar content (as I foresee it) and many details about the resources, accommodations (including housing and meal arrangements), and advantages of the University of Nebraska (and the city of Lincoln) as a site for collegial study, questions may remain. I’ll be happy to try to answer these, and to respond to any and all inquiries, if you will email me.

Please consider participating in this seminar, which appears to be the 2010’s only NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers specifically in British literature.

And please spread the word to your colleagues and advanced graduate students.

Thanks, in advance, for your interest — and your help.


Steve Behrendt


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