CFP: VISAWUS: “Oceania and the East in the Victorian Imagination,” Honolulu 2010

The 15th Annual Conference of the Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies
Association of the Western United States (Visawus)
will be held in Honolulu,
Hawaii, October 28-30, 2010

Conference theme: “Oceania and the East in the Victorian Imagination”

The conference will focus on the complex relationships between the
Victorians and the East, including India and China, Malaya and the East
Indies, Australia and New Zealand, and the South Sea Islands.  This
international conference will bring together specialists in Asian and
Victorian art history, literature, gender studies, science, history,
literature, politics, and biographical studies, among others, to explore how
the Victorians perceived the East, and how they were perceived in the East.
We invite paper proposals (300 word abstract plus 1-page CV) on political,
cultural, social, religious, artistic, scientific, economic, agrarian, and
other aspects of this rich interaction.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

Investors and the East                          Indigenous Women and English

Australia in literature                             Art and the South Seas

South Seas and Paradise                      The marketing of Australia

Malays and the Anthropologists             The East and the Crystal Palace

The East and the Military                      Clash of Cultures and
Ecological Destruction

Settling in the South Seas                     The South Seas and World
Naval Politics

Cannibals and Paradise                         The Empire in Australian

Sex and the Sailor                                 Imperial Vision of the

Island Kings and the British Empress    Women Travelers in Oceania and the

Robert Louis Stevenson and Hawaii       The Scots in the Islands

For a complete CFP and more information about the conference and visawus,
please see our web site at

Deadline for abstracts to be emailed to Richard Fulton at
is March 19, 2010.


One thought on “CFP: VISAWUS: “Oceania and the East in the Victorian Imagination,” Honolulu 2010

  1. Your readers may be interested in the Oceania section of `The History of Mankind’ by Professor F Ratzel in 1898. This has a large number of images and great deal of interesting information on his anthropological research carried out in Victorian times. A web version of this that I am working on is available at my web site.

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