English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920: Issue 54:4 Available

The latest issue of English Literature in Transition is now available via Project MUSE and elsewhere. Here is the table of contents:

Battlefield Cemeteries, Pilgrimage, and Literature after the First World War: The Burial of the Dead
pp. 387-416
Japan as an Exemplum of Social Order in Turn-of-the-Century British and American Educational Literature: Filial Paradise
pp. 417-439
Mass Production and the Spread of Information in Dracula: “Proofs of so wild a story”
pp. 440-457
Envisioning Reform in Gissing’s The Nether World
pp. 458-475

Book Reviews

Eastern Figures
pp. 476-479
Forster’s BBC Talks
pp. 479-483
Norman Douglas’s Letters
pp. 483-485
Zangwill: From Mattress Grave to Sunrise of Wonder
pp. 485-489
The Great Adult Review
pp. 489-492
Conrad & Homosexuality
pp. 492-494
The International Eliot
pp. 494-497
Joyce’s “Painful Case”
pp. 497-499
Précis Reviews
pp. 500-504

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