The Wordsworth Circle, Spring/Summer 2009 Issue

The new issue of The Wordsworth Circle (Spring/Summer 2009), edited by Marilyn Gaull at Boston University’s Editorial Institute, has just arrived. It contains the following articles:

  • “The Unromantic Lives of Others: The Lost Generation of the 1790s” by Kenneth R. Johnston
  • “‘True Impossibility’: Editing Byron” by Jane Stabler
  • “Twisty Little Passages: The Several Editions of Lady Caroline Lamb’s Glenarvon” by Paul Douglass
  • “Coleridge’s Captain Derkheim,” by Morton D. Paley
  • The Revolt of Islam: Vegetarian Shelley and the Narrative of Mental Pathology by Frederick Burwick
  • “‘Some Unknown Man, Unheard of:” Wordsworth and the English Regicide,” by Tom Duggett
  • “William Newton: Anna Seward’s ‘Peak Minstrel'” by Sandro Jung
  • “John Clare, the Popular Wood-Cut and the Bible: A Venture into the History of Popular Culture,” by Eric Robinson

Plus a sequence of essays on Joseph Johnson, edited by Jeffrey Cox and William Galperin:

  • “Silencing Joseph Johnson and the Analytical Review” by Susan Oliver
  • “Wordsworth, Joseph Johnson, and the Salisbury Plain Poems,” by Joseph Byrne
  • “Joseph Johnson: Webmaster,” by Marilyn Gaull

The issue also includes original poetry by Stephen Behrendt, Kieron Winn, and Graham Davidson.


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