CFP: 18th & 19th-C British Women Writers




Texas A&M University
April 8-11, 2010

Keynote Speakers: Kate Flint and Felicity Nussbaum
Plenary Panel Speakers: Mary Fissell, Jillian Heydt-Stevenson, and Erika Rappaport

This conference will explore the abundant varieties of journeys found in 18th- and 19th-century British women’s writings.  We encourage interdisciplinary considerations of topics such as migration, travel, exile, exploration, tourism, border crossing, religion, travel writing, art, fantasy, children’s literature and more.  Proposals for panels and individual papers might consider, but are not limited to, the following issues:

•        Travel writing/art
•        Biographical narratives
•        Marriage/Honeymoon
•        Continental tours
•        Philosophical/Scientific investigations
•        Motherhood/Childhood
•        Colonialism and Empire
•        Religious exploration/Spiritual awakenings
•        Transatlantic movement of persons, ideas, and/or goods
•        Memory as travel
•        Mapping the body
•        Rites of passage
•        (Dis)Orienting Sexuality
•        Crossing class boundaries
•        Exile (Social, Political, Familial)
•        Re-envisioning the past/Envisioning the future
•        Women and work
•        Education
•        Intertextuality
•        Movement between private and public spheres

Individual proposals should be two pages: a cover sheet including name, presentation title, university affiliation, address, e-mail address, phone number, and brief biographical paragraph; and a 500-word abstract.  Please do not include any identifying information on the abstract.

Panel proposals should include a coversheet—containing panel title, presenters’ names, presentation titles, university affiliations, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, brief biographical paragraphs, and the name of a moderator—followed by separate abstracts (500-word) that describe the significance of the panel topic and each presentation.  Please do not include any identifying information on the abstracts.

Proposals must be submitted electronically as an attachment in .doc or .rtf format by October 15, 2009 to the conference e-mail address:

For more information and updates, please visit the conference website:


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