FRANKENSTEIN: Charles Robinson’s New Edition

The Hoarding is especially pleased to note the appearance of a paperback edition of Charles Robinson’s landmark Bodleian edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Here is his message, as posted to the NASSR list:

“On Mary Shelleys birthday [she was born 30 August 1797], I take the opportunity of announcing that my Bodleian hardbound edition of The Original Frankenstein is available in the United States and Canada as a Vintage paperback for $14 [official publication date is 8 September 2009]. The edition of 448 pages contains two texts of the novel [the first uses italics for the words that PBS wrote into MWSs Draft of the novel; the second removes all of these PBS words and restores MWSs more colloquial words that he had canceled; and the second uses running foots to allow for comparisons between the two texts].

“This edition, based on the Bodleian Draft manuscripts, also retains the original structure of the novel in 2 volumes with 33 chapters [much faster paced than the first edition in 3 volumes and 23 chapters].

“Anyone interested in an examination copy for courses may contact

Keith Goldsmith
Executive Director of Academic Marketing
The Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
(212) 572-2597

“Placing the ISBN of 978-0307474421 into google will yield descriptions, etc., at Amazon and other places.

“If you wish to send this email to your librarian for order, the url for the book is at

Thank you.”

Charles E. Robinson

University of Delaware


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